Vitamin C+ Serum With Vit. E, Ferulic Acid & Glutathione

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[Vitamin C Serum]

This is the first product I tried from Nanci's line several years ago. (This product, as well as Nanci's line in general, received good comments on the QVC community beauty threads, which is where I discovered her line.) I had previously been using a C + E Ferulic from another line for about 15 years, so I knew what these ingredients can do for skin. I way paying 4x Nanci's price. This product offered me the same quality. C brightens my skin tone, as well as work as an antioxidant for free radical damage. (Too much sun exposure without adequate sun screen was my huge mistake in my teens and twenties.) Adding E, Ferulic, and Glutathione takes a C serum to the next level. This is step number one for me each morning in my skin care ritual. Thank you, Nanci, for creating quality products at reasonable price ranges. I was so happy with this product, that I slowly added new products to my routine and have not been disappointed with any yet.
Date Added: 04/03/2016 by Diane M
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