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I care deeply about anti-aging skincare. My company is dedicated to providing the best products, service and experience for people who are about their skin's health and appearance. But don't just take our word for it read what NCN customers are saying!

NCN SkinCare Customer Reviews and Testimonials:

“I am in awe of my own complexion”

I don't know what I would do without NCN! I have the highest and sometimes the most unattainable expectations, but your products supersede them all. I am in awe of my own complexion. Imagine that! You can quote me on this :) Have a lovely weekend and thank you for the impeccable products and service you provide.


“Your products have changed my skin and my life”

Hi! I just had to email you to tell you how your products have changed my skin and my life! I have been using the All-Trans Retinol with Tretinoin, and Formula 7, the Spot Reducing cream. My skin is glowing!! No acne, and the only makeup I use is tinted moisturizer! No more playing connect-the-dots with concealer covering up acne spots! Even my ex-husband complimented me on how good my skin looks! I have fought my skin since an early pre-teen. I have tried everything, including Accutane. But as I am approaching 40, I am concerned about fighting age and clearing up melasma. I wish I could send you a pic of how pretty and confident I feel now!

Thank you so very, very much!
Tanith R.

Volu-Lift Feedback

I've been using the Volu-Lift Recontouring Face Cream with Ceramides, and it’s exactly what I need for volume and a little lift.

Thanks again, Nanci,
Mary Anne

“My skin is flawless”

Hi Nanci, I have Rosacea. I can't use anything with my skin being so sensitive. But I decided to try the All Trans Retinol. I was hesitant about using, so I only tried on my neck, for a few days, at first to see if I would get a reaction, I didn't. Next I tried all over my face and neck. My skin is flawless, there is a slight heat to my face then it goes away, but oh my it's miraculous what it has done for me. I am 40 years old and feel so confident about how my skin radiates. I have been told numerous times how much I glow. Thanks so much for making NCN Skin Care products. Having the best time of my life! :)

Once again, thank you!
Edna D.

“Just had to share my appreciation for your great products”

I wanted to tell you that I just love your products and especially love the way the Multi-Active Accelerator has been so amazing! Before I left the doctor's office, Dr. Michele offered to do some laser treatments on my skin since I have a son getting married next Sat., the 27th. A few days after the treatment, everyone's skin always feels like sand paper... very rough and dry. I have used the copper peptide/EGF serum and the multi-active accelerator for about a week after each treatment and I hardly had any roughness or dryness at all!!!! It's been awesome. Just had to share my appreciation for your great products!!

Take care! Blessings to you,

A friend told Mary, "You don't have a single wrinkle on your face!"

Hi Nanci! Well, I just got back from visiting my best friend since my freshman year in high school, and she said (and I quote), "You don't have a single wrinkle on your face!" I don't know about that (I'm picky...lol!) but it was definitely a testament to your amazing products. We are the same age, and as beautiful as she is (inside and out), I will say that my skin does look significantly younger... thanks to you. : )

I will never be without your CP, DNA and C-Serum... EVER. And as for the Retin-A, I've been mixing the .1% with the DNA and that totally has the peelies under control AND keeps my skin clear. Thank God! And thanks for the suggestion to alternate the CP and C-Serum... I'm getting great results, and by doing this, the products will last even longer than they already do! : )

Hope all is well in your world...love,

“I can tell you I look younger and my skin looks more plump”

I have to tell you that I think my skin looks better since I've used your DNA and EGF Serum Capsules (one month today) and not sure from which one... I also needle roll and it’s been 7 months now and possibly the results are kicking in, but I think your products might be on to something! I can tell you I look younger and my skin looks more plump. I hope it lasts. I will get your GHKU next week; I am looking forward to it and your pumpkin peel... I don’t ever do peels, but the reviews sounded enticing. I only plan to use once or twice a month b/c I use Retin A micro and I needle roll.

I SUPER appreciate your quick and helpful advice... it means more than you can ever know!


“It’s amazing the results I’m getting!”

Hey Nanci, I am so loving, LOVING the All Trans Retinol and the All Trans Retinol with Non-Prescription Tretinoin! The new added product has my face looking so wonderful! I switch on these products! The clarity of my skin, the eventoneness, the texture -- it's wonderful! Using that with my PMD! It’s amazing the results I’m getting!

I just turned 44 in March. People tell me all the time how wonderful my skin is. And people I haven’t seen in a while, ask me all the time if I had work done!...lol. I’ve stuck with your products for 2 or 3 years now! I don’t want to ever be without these products! I don’t want to lose you and your wonderful products! I’m a huge, huge fan of the Corrective Face Oil Cocktails and the Pumpkin Enzyme Neutralizing Toner

Oh well, my girl! I’m gonna hush! I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter! God bless! Have a wonderful day!

Love ya,
Karen xoxox

“It is amazing how much smoother and fresher my skin looks”

I have been using your ret with tret formula at night for a few months now, and it is amazing how much smoother and fresher my skin looks. I don't know if it is that or the other ones I have been using (matrixyl 25%, vitamin c, etc.), but 2 of the 4 dark spots I have are now gone, and the remaining 2 are lighter. I am hopeful that the new formula 7 may help fade or even eliminate them.

Scott R.

“I would like to let you know that I get so many compliments on my skin”

I would like to let you know that I get so many compliments on my skin and frequently get asked what skincare line I use - and I always recommend NCN!! The DNA Serum, All-Trans Retinol and Retinol with Trentinoin, along with Skin Tight Lifting Elixir Serum are my mainstays!

Thanks again,

“Your formulations are amazing!”

Dear Nanci,
I wrote a huge e-mail and it was just way too long so I have decided to just say that I think your formulations are amazing! I am 33 with a history of skin problems that only ever improved with expensive IPL and painful TCA peels. It may be premature, but 2 days of use(4x Multi Active Accelerator and EGF Capsules) How can using so few products have such effective results?? Actually I liken it to that of the result of the IP L(Illumenis) treatments-afterwards my skin would be plump, even toned, firm, moist and no need for make-up which is the exact result from your products.

I never knew topical products could have that kind of result-I have used EVERYTHING you could think of and frankly I was beginning to think it is all a load of rubbish and some of us just have to live with our skin, even bad skin: (But to just put the icing on the cake, the price is actually affordable and it is not costing me my arm and leg for my face! I just want to say thank you! I had crepey, wilted, botchy and scaly skin 2 days ago and now...I just can't believe it. I found your site through reading reviews on Truth In Aging. I studied a lot before making a choice and I am so glad I chose your products. I am a customer for life.

Kind Regards

“In a strong magnifying mirror, my pores looks smaller and cleaner”

Hi Nanci -

Just wanted to let you know that I really am pleased with the Rhassoul bar. I have been using it directly on my skin. I cut the bar into 3 two inch pieces, gave one to my mom, and put the other in a paper bag for later. At night I remove my eye makeup with sweet almond oil, then wet my face, and using one of the smaller flat ends of the bar, rub it directly on my skin, adding more water as necessary to get a creamy layer all over. I go over each area of my face with little round scrubbing motions about 3 times, with light to medium pressure. After rinsing really well, I put a light layer of almond oil all over my face.

It's been a week. In a strong magnifying mirror, my pores looks smaller and cleaner, and the 3 small age spots - two on my jaw and one starting on my cheek, have faded considerably. I have had no dryness, flaking, or irritation. I may now switch to every other night with this scrubbing process, and the off nights just lather and wash as normal. My mom likes it too, but she is not as contentious as I, and misses some nights - plus, her skin is much older, she may need more time to see results. So far, so good, though. I'm really pleased.


“The copper peptide is much better, much more rapid thickening of the skin and elasticity too”

Hey Nanci:

I'm going to refer my dermatologist to you. She had put me on some coffee bean extract stuff for my rosacea that cost more than the copper peptide and did nothing. The copper peptide is much better, much more rapid thickening of the skin and elasticity too. The feel of the skin is much smoother, yet stronger. So if she gets in touch with you from Santa Fe, that's where it came from. She has a large practice, difficult to get to see her. But where we live is 'no man's land' for skin. Altitude of 7,000 ft +. The air is dry, the UV is very strong.

Steve C.

“My skin is looking better day by day”

Hi Nanci,

You can add me to the list of customers that love the new retinol formula with tretinoin!! It's only been a few weeks I don't know if I'm seeing things but god my skin is looking better day by day thanks to you! I'm also loving the GHK-GU serum with EGF. Thank you so much for offering such great products.

Jacquie T.

“My skin has improved dramatically and so has my daughter's”

Hi Nanci!!

I just placed my order. My girlfriend from PA is going to try a few things as well. I decided to go with the sample size of the Multi-Active Accelerator. I still have lots of the Matrixyl serum. If my skin reacts well to the Accelerator, when the serum is finished, I will just order the Accelerator. My skin has improved dramatically and so has my daughter's.

I absolutely love the Acne serum. It has really helped clear up the acne on my chin. My Rosacea symptoms are back to redness... which I have always had. It is more pink than red now, and my skin is no longer painfully dry. The Acne serum is the first acne product I have ever been able to use on my skin. My daughter only uses it once a day all over her face, but twice a day on her chin (her problem area). It is amazing stuff. Between the Acne Serum and the Acne Toner even my husband noticed how much better her skin is. You know it has to be noticeable for Dad's to notice!!!!

Thanks again Nanci!!!

“I have never been less then amazed at the quality of your products”

Nancy, throughout the years that I have been ordering from NCN ProSkinCare, I have never been less then amazed at the quality of your products and your fast and courteous service. The products you sell are in a class of their own, and so are you.

Many thanks "Sista"!

“Your products are great. Keep up the good work!!”

Thanks so much, Nanci, really appreciate it. I luv using the DNA serum and the Matrixyl serum. Hydration has really improved and it's only been 5 days of use. I work in air conditioning all day so it's really helped. Will order the full size Matrixyl serum next as well as the Multi Active accelerator as I only got sample sizes to try.

Your products are great. Keep up the good work!!
Tracy :)

“Love all my new goodies, and my skin does too”

Hi Nancy,

Hope this email finds you well! It has been almost 4 weeks since I started using your products, and I am having great results with firmness and general look of my skin. The DNA serum rocks, can't wait to assess in 60 days! My upper lip continues to bug me but I just got the hang of the Vaculifter and, I had 2 wisdom teeth extracted so I laid off doing it... so let's see how that goes when I give it more time. Love all my new goodies and my skin does too.

Thanks, in advance. Best,

“Your products & reputation surpass anything I have ever seen... anywhere.”

Just a quick FYI and no need to respond. I have been on several forums or just doing searches online and I want to tell you lady, your name comes UP everywhere and your reputation (I already knew this) is beyond stellar. I saw a post on something different, not the usual places, and someone asked a lot of questions. It was just from a google search. Anyway, someone recommended they talk to you or email you to get on track. This person was a newbie and needed a lot of guidance. The person did contact you and raved and raved about the time you spent with her, how you got her on track, etc.

I know you already know this, but I just wanted to say that in a world like this, you are so, so rare. You treat everyone with grace, kindness and amazing professionalism. You should be proud, because these people/all of us feel like we are special to you, and your products & reputation surpass anything I have ever seen... anywhere.

YOU GO GIRL... you are a bright light.

"It's like nothing I've ever tried before."

Wow, I can't believe I've finally found a solution to the bags I've suffered under my eyes! All of the posts on various blogs I've read were absolutely right. Your product does work immediately on under eye bags. It's like nothing I've ever tried before. Honestly, I was starting to get depressed about my appearance and every time I looked in the mirror, all I could see were those bags... nothing else. I even thought about surgery but now with your help, I think I have a less drastic alternative.

Kathleen G.

I just LOVE the stuff; I'm all hooked on the American way. For the first time in my life (44 now) I see a difference in my skin by using your cosmetic products. I look healthy ("juicy"), and my acne is gone, far gone, without getting more wrinkles at the same time (those things happened before: getting wrinkles from the aggressive anti acne products)  I'll be back!

Thank you, Nanci, for your communication!

I have to say it is quite rare for companies these days to care enough to write back without using automated emails or even to correspond at all. I am intrigued by this one very fundamental function that so many businesses take for granted. On that note, I will visit NCN again in the future and feel confident that my needs are considered. Thanks again and keep up the great work!

I really love all of your products. They have truly made a difference in my skin. I am now on retin A. I hope it won't interfere with any of your products. I have spread the word about your excellent customer service and wonderful product line. I've heard great things about the vaculifters as well. They seem kind of odd to me but so many people love them and have had good results. Good job!
Hi, Nanci, I just wanted to say your service is so prompt and friendly. How lovely. I love the personal touch and will definitely be ordering from you in the future.  Best wishes.
Hi, Nanci. My skin is looking so good since I started using your products. It was looking dull and I am glad that I remembered that I had used your skincare with good results about a year ago. I have been using yours exclusively this time and my skin looks great and that is really saying something at 51!! Thanks again.
I love the results I see in the mirror: a perfect glowing skin and it's feeling great! And the microfiber cloth! It is a real wonder cloth; unbelievable.... Blackheads (on my nose...IIIEEEKKKSSS!!!) ARE gone!

Hi Nanci! I would like to tell you how I LOVE your products! I even use them on my hands! ;-)

Sadly I´m still waiting for my "postman" and more importantly, your new products!  I am so curious to try them....

I love the Microfiber Cloth, by the way, I really do. Couldn't be without it now. Haven't used cleanser for days but my skin feels squeaky! 

Well, thanks again, Nanci. I love all your stuff!

The Matrixyl Serum - that stuff is GREAT!!!! Thank God! I'm just grateful I came across your website when I did. My skin is sooo soft and I can't stop touching my face... the dark areas are fading away... amazing.
The Rhassoul soap is absolutely fabulous! I ran out of bodywash tonight, and so used it on my entire face and body, and I could not believe a bar of soap could make my skin feel so soft and conditioned. I really adore it and I will be ordering several bars of it for the future. I don`t know where you find your ideas, but this one was fantastic.
Wow, I have NEVER gotten a personal note from anyone I have bought from online.... Thank you!
To my surprise I already received my package yesterday!!!! Quick service! This morning I had a silken soft skin!  Thanks again, my second order won't take long.
Thanks for sending my order so fast! I tried some samples from “M” and I got to tell you:  I love your products already!

Hey Nancy...

Just following up on my new goodies... I LOVE IT ALL! The microfiber cloth has been awesome... I think I told you I was dealing with some whiteheads/or milia, not really sure which, but I had a really bad bump on my eye and did a little experimenting... used the cloth... and very thin layer of the pumpkin mask (I KNOW, not supposed to put it on your eye, but you know one gets to experimenting)... anyhow, I've been rubbing the heck out of it and masked just one and was able to clear enough skin off the top to have it work out... CAN YOU BELIEVE it??? I am thrilled... still have some other spots to get... I have a weird... Chicken skin is what I call it... just under my eyes... and I can tell that is starting to go away... I was going away with Retin A... but I don't generally use that during the summer due to excessive sun exposure.  

CAN YOU BELIEVE it??? I am thrilled...!

During my pregnancy and the entire year after my skin had been terrible from the hormones (I was breast feeding for 1 year). I was embarrassed from everyone asking me what happened to my skin. So Once I started using the items from your starter kit, my skin is finally clear!!!! I am so happy! 

Thanks for the products.

Thanks again for your guidance... I'm in love with the products ...to me searching out the most effective, non-chemical, and value for the $ has been a real learning experience...I think I'm a coinsure. You've hit the mark right down to the gentle fragrance.
Thank YOU!!! My skin is in a transitional stage, but it's already looking younger and fresher. I'm not self-conscious about going outside in the bright daylight anymore! With your help my problem areas are slowly fading away. Love them!!
I just love your stuff so far and you came highly recommended from the skin care boards. I also wrote on the skin care boards that I love your products and the customer service is awesome .

At this point, the whole family (including our teenage daughters) are using your products and they are simply outstanding. We had previously ordered several products directly from Skin Biology before we discovered your web site, but from now on we will be ordering from you. Thank God the products are wonderful because even if they weren't we'd keep on ordering based on customer service alone, simply outstanding!

So, this is just a little note to say thank you for the rapid shipping, GREAT service, and of course, the samples. We are so glad to have discovered your company!

Updating time! I don't know what it is, but my skin looks better and better every day! On second thought, I do know what it is, it is the Magic Microfiber Cleansing Cloth!! What an amazing thing to use... And wait until you see your pores?? I can hardly see my pores anymore!! ;-)) 

My blemishes are vanishing fast. And my skin is so crystal clear. Super!!

I got incredible results! I did the pumpkin peel, GHK serum, squalane & Multi-Active Accelerator. After just 5 hours sleep, my skin looks fantastic. Smooth, soft. But also it appears to be firmed and lifted! I'm very pleased. I'm not sure if the CP Acc. can make such a difference in one night - was it the pumpkin that did this? I've been using GHK for some weeks, with some results, but nothing like this!
Your Pumpkin peel is the best pumpkin peel I have ever come across. My skin has never looked better since I’m using your products.Thank you for that. I've never had a better experience then with your products, so I definitely will continue using them.


Thanks for reading!

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