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All Trans Retinol 2.0% Formula I

Date Added: 06/20/2018 by Marilyn B
All Trans Retinol 2.0% Formula I

Firstly, I have to say a huge thank you to the owner of the company who went above and beyond to get this product to me in Australia when I was having problems with my forwarding company with regards to it. The customer service, and communication, was just fantastic, and was much appreciated!
Since then I've been using it for not that long, probably 2 or 3 weeks, but I really think it's a great product. My skin is just looking better since beginning its use. It's subtle so far (after all, it hasn't been that long) but it definitely feels like it's helping things along. I use a million other products too to try and turn back the tide on this 61 year old face, and I think they all help, but this is the newest addition to the regime and it seems to have stepped things up a notch and I've happily just reordered to be sure I don't run out any time soon!