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All Trans Retinol 2% Formula I

Date Added: 07/16/2017 by Elizabeth S
All Trans Retinol 2% Formula I

All Trans Retinol Cream 2.0% is my first introduction to NCN Pro Skin Care. I rarely leave reviews, but these NCN products are amazing. My life has changed since I started using them. I'm 36 years old, and most people think that I am in my 20's! Try it!!!!

My hectic work schedule and a new job change affected my health and especially my skin. I started having severe adult/hormonal acne on my face and I felt desperate to tackle it. I had tried oils, cleansers, and then spent so much money on anything I could get my hands on. The problem is that my skin is combination, so most of it was either too harsh or too moisturizing. It was a constant battle.

Almost immediately after I started using the retinol, I could see a difference. My face was responding so very well to it. I've been using it now for about two years, and it is my go to face cream. I change my face routine just a bit about every six months, but my favorite combination has been the NCN acne skin routine, the Copper Peptide Formula I, the All Trans Retinol 2.0%, and then the NCN Sunscreen. Sometimes I swap out the Copper Peptide for the Vitamin C Serum or I have used the Volu-lift when I am in dire need of hydration. I have also used the All Trans Retinol Cream on its own with sunscreen, and it's perfection.

I tried the other Retinol version, which is too strong for my skin, though my sister with more severe acne has loved it. This 2.0% formula is my skin's favorite thing in the world. My pores are smaller, my skin is tight, and it helps with my dark spots.