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Mineral Sunscreen I'm Covered SPF 40

Date Added: 07/17/2018 by Chelsea N
Mineral Sunscreen I'm Covered SPF 40

Heeeeelp! I'm almost out of this wonderful spf lotion!!!!! Haha.

No seriously, I only use mineral spfs and this one does NOT disappoint (which is to be expected since it is an NCN product).

It has an instant cooling effect, a smooth non greasy finish, doesn't clog pores, helps seal in any other products on the face, and never once have I burned whilst using this. Just an all-around great sunscreen.

Nancy also told me that this spf is specifically formulated for people who use her copper peptides (which I plan on starting in the near future). Apparently zinc oxide can react with copper so no worries when using these two products together since the active ingredient is titanium dioxide.