30% Pro Pumpkin Peel - 5 oz.

[Pumpkin Peel]

I LOVE this product! I'm 50 and have had rough skin with large pores most of my life. After several uses I've already started to see a smoother, smaller pore size and it makes my skin glow. I've also been using it on my chest to exfoliate small, emerging seborrhoeic keratosis (old age barnacles) and it is beginning to smooth them out too. I have very sensitive, red-ish, rosacea prone skin and this is fantastic. AND I just used this on my 19 yr old daughter's face who has acne and her skin looks amazing. I am following Nanci's instructions carefully starting with leaving it on for only 3 minutes at first and then adding 1 minute to your time each use thereafter. I love it so much I just bought two more!
Date Added: 02/20/2017 by Christine M
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