GHK-Cu Copper Peptide Amino Complex Formula I

[GHK Formula I]

This is my second FAV product of Nanci's. I thought my skin looked great using the few products I had and Nanci did a skin analysis for me and added this product. WOW is what I say. In less than a month, my skin is continuing to tighten and lift, my wrinkles are becoming less and less, my pores are almost non-existent. I could keep going on. I am loving my skin. And the best, my hubby is now using this daily, and in less than a month his little veins on his nose and cheeks are gone and his old teenage acne scars are improving as well as his overall appearance of his skin. When a man who NEVER bothered with facial care even though I've tried for years notices my face and starts using the products that is the biggest testimony of all. Thank you, Nanci, for your amazing products!!
Date Added: 04/14/2016 by Korri M
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