How to care for winter skin with NCN Professional SkinCare
Winter Skin

How to care for winter skin with NCN Professional SkinCare

Winter Skin Tips:

As we experience the winter season, it is time for you to be extremely careful about your skin to protect it from the chilled air which can lead to skin cracking and flaking.

Winter never supports our skin as its low level of humidity creates dry air which takes away the moisture of our skin every second that it is exposed to cold air. Therefore, it is important to take immediate care and precautions to avoid your skin from getting damaged or cracked.

Not only the harsh wind of the winter season damages and takes away the natural glow of the skin, but also the heat inside the indoor premises, hot water showers and inappropriate cleansers and cosmetic products can rob the natural moisture of your skin.

Hence, follow the given simple tips to continuously experience a glamorous skin regardless of this harsh winter weather.

How to care for winter skin by staying hydrated!

Achieving a youthful phase in the skin always requires remaining hydrated. In order to maintain a good hydration level, you must drink plenty of water to maintain hydration internally and use healthy and trustworthy products to treat your skin externally.

For sensitive skin and/or rosacea, try our GHK-Cu Copper Peptide Amino Complex which is an effective treatment to soothe and calm your skin while fading redness. As this exclusive anti-aging product contains a rich combination of proven skin calming actives, it will even the skin tone and provide a natural glow to your skin.

for winter skin to by choosing your moisturizer carefully.

Did you know that using moisturizers do not add further moisture to your skin? However, using a hydrating product will help you to trap the moisture of your skin that is already on the surface. Hence, we can highly recommend our Orange Blossom Hydrating Mist to cleanse and attract moisture to your skin while firming and enriching your skin with vitamin A and C.  While your skin is still moist from spritzing, apply your hydrating product.  My personal favorite is the DNA Serum, it’s incredibly hydrating, delays aging, and plumps skin to decrease wrinkles and firm.

Try our NCN Professional Skin Care Products this winter and let us take care of the youthful glow and moisture of your skin!

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