VOLU-LIFT Reviewed! Before and After Pictures too!

VOLU-LIFT Reviewed! Before and After Pictures too!

I’m thrilled to share this review (link below) that was recently written on Truth In Aging. You’ve just got to see the before/after pictures! The review is on the Volu-Lift Recontouring Face Cream with Ceramides.

I want to mention that the label is being much improved, AND the instructions on the new label will say to push the pump down only 1/2 way. I hope to have the new label within the next two weeks. I also want to thank Christina for taking the time to write the review and having the guts to post the before/after pictures! Christina, whoever you are, THANK YOU! And thank you April for sending the link, what a nice surprise!

Click here to read the review on Truth in Aging and see the fantastic before/after pictures.