Before and After Picture, 3 Products, 3 Weeks Later!

Before and After Picture, 3 Products, 3 Weeks Later!

Before and After Picture, 3 Products, 3 Weeks Later! Client Review – thank you Korri!

Korri before and after IMG_6336

Before & After: Face is lifted!

After many weeks, if not many months, of searching for a skincare line, I was given Nanci’s website. It was actually in reference to sea kelp bioferment.

I researched Nanci’s company and products to see what she had to offer, went over testimonials, and read her blogs, read “what people say” section on the NCN SkinCare website, compared her products to what I had already researched.

I really liked the fact that she was the creator of these amazingaccelerator_zoom products and was there to assist you personally. It is very personal and friendly and she provides excellent customer service.

I ordered my products only four short weeks ago. I ordered the Skin Tight Lifting Elixir, VOLU-LIFT Recontouring Face Cream with Ceramides and the Multi-active Accelerator.

I received my package very quickly and started using my products immediately.

My biggest concern in searching for new skincare is that over the pastskin tight lifting elixir few years my jowls have really started to sag. I do have wrinkles around my eyes, the 11’s between the eyebrows, and wrinkles above my upper lip and my eyelids are crepey, as well as my decollete area is crepey.

I wanted of course to tighten and firm, soften those wrinkles but also get some much needed nutrition to my skin.

I have been using these creams for three weeks and the difference in my jowls is quite unreal. I showed my husband my pic today and he was astounded. As well, as tightening, my skin is soft and supple and just glowing and healthy looking again. My wrinkles are softening and my cheekbones are making a presence again.

I have tried $10,000s (maybe a bit less, but way too much) worth of skincare products for over 25 years (latest Nerium) and I have never, ever seen results like this before. I even use a galvanic spa that I did see some improvement with, but not even close to this.

I used all of the products both day and night starting with Skin

Picture of Volu-Lift Recontouring Face Cream with Ceramides

Volu-Lift fills in and lifts our mid-face!

Tight, then VOLU-LIFT, then the Multi-Active Accelerator. (my fav) Nanci also included a sample All-Trans Retinol 2.0% (Vit A) for me to try and I put that on at night before the Mult-Active Accelerator.

I did have a few deep rooted acne pimples starting, so that is my skin’s way of telling me something is not working. Long story short, I cannot use VOLU-LIFT and Multi-Active Accelerator at the same time. I can use them one on one day and the next on the next day and it’s fine, but even if I try one in the morning and one at night, my skin reacts.

No biggie though, I can still use both of these wonderful products, and even if I couldn’t there is a lot more to choose from that I am sure would work well with my skin.

I can’t wait to see what the other products will do for my skin. If this is the result I got in three weeks, I am so excited to see how amazing my skin will look in three months.

Thank you, Nanci, for your knowledge in creating these wonderful products and for sharing them with us.

I am attaching a picture of the side of my face – this is exactly the three-week mark. You will notice changes to my upper lip, my fold has softened a significantly, under my chin has lifted, my lines on cheeks have softened, my skin is less blotchy, the wrinkles around my eye much better.

And again this is ONLY three weeks. Can you imagine I may look 20 years younger here soon!!! WOOHOOO!!

Take care!!

Korri M