Neem Oil Benefits For Your Skin. It's A Fabulous Oil!

Neem Oil Benefits For Your Skin. It’s A Fabulous Oil!

Neem oil benefits for your skin.

Neem seed oil works well to give an effective treatment for damaged skin. Being an anti-bacterial formula, it works as an amazing smoother for the skin. It is highly beneficial for eczema prone skin and will help people with psoriasis and acne. Its astringent properties help to alleviate minor cuts and wounds. It also assists to relieve dry and itchy skin.

Neem oil contains high leves of antioxidants which shield the skin from environmental damage. It’s high in essential fatty acids and Vitamins. It gets absorbed by the skin easily and rejuvenates skin while improving its elasticity.With regular usage, Neem also can also iron out wrinkles and fine lines, hence it fights the signs of aging.

Neem oil is great for acne prone skin because it helps to clear skin and get rid of bacteria that cause break outs. Neem oil contains an aspirin like compound which can eliminate the acne causing bacteria from the skin. It also aids to lessen redness and inflammation. The high fatty acid content in Neem oil prevents and treats scars that arise due to acne.

Since Neem is loaded with Vitamin E and fatty acids, it effectively penetrates the skin’s outer layer while restoring the protective barrier and preventing moisture loss. The saturation of vitamin E and antioxidants will help restore a youthful glow. Neem seed oil works as a wonderful skin conditioner. It moisturizes so deeply that it can fix prolonged skin dryness too.

Neem seed oil helps to even our skin tone.  It decreases the production of melanin in the skin. Melanin plays the role of coloring the skin but when it is secreted in high amounts, leads to pigmentation. Therefore, Neem seed oil makes the skin more even toned reducing hyperpigmentation.

Neem oil is used in skin care as it is rich in nutrients. Neem is loaded with high amounts of antioxidants that help to defend the skin from environmental damage. Neem is rich in carotenoids which give out high antioxidant compounds that help defend the age-promoting free radicals.

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