Feed Your Skin | List of Healthy Foods Good for Skin

Happy and Healthy Skin with the Right Foods is Easy to Obtain!

Happy and healthy skin with the right foods is easy to obtain!

You may be treating your skin well. But, skin must be nourished from within too.

Feed your skin with right foods that help it stay supple and blemish-free. Wondering what to feed your skin? Try the following for healthy skin.

Prevent Wrinkles with Yogurt

The protein you get from dairy makes your skin firmer and more resistant to fine lines. Greek yogurt is more beneficial because the protein content is greater than that of regular yogurt. Have a single serving daily and make your complexion smoother.

Blush with Pomegranates

Pomegranates are packed with polyphenol antioxidants. Polyphenols fight free radicals and regulate blood flow in the skin giving a blush. One pomegranate or a few glasses of juice daily will do the trick. When applied topically, antioxidants in Pomegranates help smooth fine lines and moisturize the skin.

Walnuts for Soft Skin

Omega-3 essential fatty acids in Walnuts help to improve skin’s elasticity. Walnuts are also loaded with copper which boosts collagen production. Handful of walnuts each day will improve your complexion.

Carrots for a natural glow

Carrots can give you a natural glow for healthy skin.  People who eat higher amounts of carotenoid-containing fruits and vegetables like carrots, have more yellow tones in their skin. This delicious root vegetable is a good source of beta-carotene and a wide variety of antioxidants. It also contains many other health-supporting nutrients.

Water for a happy skin

Healthy skin loves water!  Water keeps your skin hydrated and staying hydrated makes your skin more plump and less wrinkled. Also water keeps you away from other drinks. Therefore you’ll save on sugar. High sugar levels found in juices, sodas and sports drinks cause damages to skin. When blood sugar levels are high, sugars can attach to proteins in collagen and produce harmful compounds that lead to skin sagging and wrinkling.