Ferulic Acid: The “Fierce” Antioxidant NCN Professional SkinCare

Ferulic Acid: The “Fierce” Antioxidant NCN Professional SkinCare

Image of Vitamin C with Ferulic AcidFerulic Acid is a powerful antioxidant that helps to prevent wrinkles by boosting collagen, and works to prevent and reverse sun damage. I like to think of this ingredient as that silk scarf that plays well with our basic wardrobe selections and elevates any look.

Currently, Ferulic Acid is one of the most exciting ingredients in skincare. Scientific studies report that Ferulic Acid performs best when used together with Vitamins C and E as it helps to stabilize them and enhance their antioxidant properties. By stabilizing these vitamins, Ferulic acid causes them to become more than the sum of their individual parts.

The resulting trifecta is powerful; a combination that protects the skin against the harmful rays of the sun, stimulates collagen production, and works as a free radical scavenger. Because of its low molecular weight, Ferulic acid easily absorbs into the stratum corneum of our skin, allowing it to deliver the nourishment and rejuvenation that helps us to retain the very basics of what we need for a healthy, youthful complexion.

This scientifically precise formulation uplifts our skincare regimen from basic to extraordinary, and Nanci has delivered it to us in one product that will do just that. NCN Skincare brings to you this most sought after combination of antioxidant power in Vitamin C+ Serum With Vit. E, Ferulic Acid & Glutathione.

Louise J. Manteuffel, Esthetician and Guest Writer