DNA Serum Feedback

DNA Serum Feedback

I love getting feedback from you – good, bad or indifferent! I take all feedback into consideration; it’s so important! How else would I know if there is anything I can impove on. I really appreciate all feedback! Here is some recent feedback on the DNA Serum. I’ve read on the EDS forum that some don’t like the smell of it, while some do…. I did not add fragrance of any kind to it because I wanted to keep it as natural as possible, which it is! Thanks to everyone for their input! Nanci xo

“I have put another order for your dna serum etc for a friend, she tried my one and looked great after so asked me to order!”

“I haven’t had time for the mineral lamp, Lightstim or even facial exercises in a month…..result????? honestly my face is looking fabulous. The DNA formula is really taking things to an all new level. My stress level is not good now with my parents issues and my work is worst than ever. I went to the dentist this week and all he wanted to talk about was what was my new beauty secret. He has known me for 30 years. My husband went for a check up the next day and came home a little disturbed at all the comments the dentist made about my youthful look! LoL! I love getting compliments at 56!!”

The following comments are from the EDS Skin Care Forum – thanks girls!!!

“I am at about 5-6 weeks using DNA day and night – intiially it was only mornings. It is special. I have given up everything right now for Ageless and DNA serum. I have no horse in any race to say what I say. I won’t comment on Ageless but DNA serum from Nanci has been put together in a very particular way by her. She is a woman (our age group) working on the aging process and loves it too. It does lift, it does plump, it creates a good look to the skin. (NOTE: It does help the eye area). At a certain age “ONE” product is not the total answer but finding the best combination is spectacular – a Gift — and that’s what I have found for right now. I wish this for all of my EDS buds.”

“I agree with you Sis regarding finding the right combination of products, particularly after age 50. I have found in the past two years my skin was thinning and looking more dry and susesptible to wrinkling than in the past. With the addition of this new product, thanks to Toby’s recommendation, my skin is definitely more moisturized and staying that way all day long. In fact, tonight after I removed my makeup … my skin still glowed. I think I might even be using too much for my skin, as I noticed today it was even a little oily which is shocking. Perhaps only a 1/2 pump will be adequate for me. I was surprised by this as like I said, my skin had been so dry! I’m so happy to have added this new product to my regimen. I’ve only used it for approx. 3 weeks but am noticing the pillowy cushiony effect you speak about. This is a good thing because it means the skin is springing back like youthful skin! The DNA and Ageless Secret are are most definitely a winning combination for my skin. I too am very grateful! Best ~ Aprile”

“I have very normal skin, not dry and not oily….I use at least three pumps 2x a day. It is good stuff!”

“I noticed immediately that my skin looked better when I applied the product which I was aware was just application of the product and not a change with my skin. After six weeks my skin looked good even when the product wasn’t on. My under eye area is finally hydrated again and this hasn’t been the case for the past four years.”

“I’ve been using this product for only a week and a half, I absolutely love it. I actually purchased this for my boyfriend, who is starting to get a little crepey under the eyes in his mid 40’s. I couldn’t help myself, it looked so elegant when it came out of the bottle. I’m so glad I did. While the smell isn’t anything to write home about, it doesn’t bother me. For those of you that don’t have it, its a lovely amber color, and seems to brighten your skin immediately.

A little background on me, I have slightly dry (retin-a’d within an inch of its life) somewhat combo T-zone skin. I am severely acne prone and it takes a ton of work and practically hourly maintanence to keep my face clear.

The real treat comes after using it every day for a week or more. It has a dewy, hydrating finish that I don’t know if I can live without. The comment about skin being cushioned is right on, my whole face is plump and hydrated, very youthful looking. Best of all its very clean feeling. I struggle with having goop on my face (sunscreen is a daily battle of the wits).

I apply this after I put on CP serum, or alone. I don’t use CPs every day, probably ever other day.

I also got a couple samples from Nancy, I’m going to place an order for the CP Accelerator even though it has the controversial DMAE. I used it a couple times after the DNA serum, got even better plumping.

After all that, I forgot to report on results of my boyfriend.

The skin under his eyes is very hydrated, cross hatching looks a lot better. This will take the place of his regular eye cream, (right now its a Peter Thomas Roth product that is very unremarkable in the results department despite having some powerhouse ingredients).

He refuses to take before and after pictures. Skin tone appears more even, not sure if its the color of the product or an actual result, its a little early to tell.”