Corrective Facial Oil Cocktails - Available Now!

Corrective Facial Oil Cocktails – Available Now!

Hi everyone!

I’m happy to tell you that the new Corrective Facial Oil Cocktails are here. They’re available in three skin type specific formulas:


A facial oil is water free and only contains pure plant oils, rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and other valuable nutrients for the skin. Facial oils work by deeply penetrating the skin and delivering these natural plant ingredients. Immediately skin becomes softer and more radiant, and feels velvety soft. After time lines will be softened and skin will have a youthful glow. Facial oils are wonderful anti-aging products as they support, protect and help regenerate skin cells. And since they’re all natural, they don’t clog pores. The consistency of facial oils makes them a great way of delivering active ingredients.

Facial oils deliver serious results. After applying a face oil before going to bed, you wake up in the morning with skin that’s unbelievable soft. And after regular use, you really start to see your skin glowing more and more while fine lines start to dissolve away. They can also be used to boost your regular moisturizer by blending in a couple drops before applying.

You might think that putting an oil on your face is something you would only do if you had very dry skin. Not so – all skin types benefit from using facial oils. And that’s why I’ve created three skin type specific corrective face oil cocktails.