Collagen Types I, II, & IV Stimulation: Aldenine or Trylagen?

Collagen Types I, II, & IV Stimulation: Aldenine or Trylagen?

“Hi Nanci,

There is a composite product called Aldenine that is supposed to increase collagen production by 300% within 7 days. Osmotics et al (Peter Thomas Roth) sell their renditions at very high prices.

You’re the expert. I know you can do better.

Thanks for all you do,

Pat H.”

My response: I’ve had two other inquiries regarding Aldenine. Aldenine stimulates Collagen Types I, III & IV, which is huge, and it’s a fabulous active! However, there is a newer version of it called Trylagen. Both Aldenine and Trylagen are manufactured by the same company. Trylagen contains Aldenine; therefore is the same TRIPEPTIDE-1. Trylagen is the newer; improved version of Aldenine and Trylagen has more complete clinical studies. We have Trylagen in our All-Trans Retinol 2.0%. And yes, our prices are much lower; and Trylagen is a more costly active than Aldenine! There is a PDF document that will give you all of the information about Trylagen that you could ever want to know, along with the clinical studies that were done. Click here to learn more about Trylagen and see the PDF document.