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Hi Everyone, I'm really excited to have some of our products featured on The Mal Pearson Show during the month of August. Mal Pearson is a wonderful woman - she and I share the same philosophy; how to look good for less. This quote is from her site: Mal is "for women of all ages who love all things style and want to look and feel beautiful without spending a fortune".

DNA is AMAZING was the subject line in the email I received over the weekend from a dear regular client of mine. When your husband notices improvement in your skin, that’s huge! The purpose of the DNA Serum is to slow the aging process; but the fact...

I love getting feedback from you - good, bad or indifferent! I take all feedback into consideration; it's so important! How else would I know if there is anything I can impove on. I really appreciate all feedback! Here is some recent feedback on the DNA Serum. I've read on the EDS forum that some don't like the smell of it, while some do.... I did not add fragrance of any kind to it because I wanted to keep it as natural as possible, which it is! Thanks to everyone for their input! Nanci xo

Feedback: I have used tons of anti-aging products over the years and this one will stay in the arsenal and be used because it works. The results I have gotten, even with my somewhat erratic usage, is impressive. This serum is the only product I have been using the last two weeks. I try to use it twice a day.