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Question: Is it normal for the Acne Solutions Serum with Ac.Net to make skin oily as the day goes on? It seems to be making more oil than usual. Can you also tell me what the benefit is to using the toner before the serum? Currently I'm just using the serum by itself, but I have already ordered the toner. Would it be worth it to start the toner when I get it, and if so why?

QUESTION: Dear Nanci, Perhaps you can offer some advice.  I have a few areas on my forehead that drive me crazy.  My physician refers to the miniature volcanoes as "over active sebaceous glands" or more accurately, the areas are the results from...over active.. At any rate, I have had them lasered off, only to have them return months later.  Any ideas you can offer to rid myself of these little pesky bumps will be most appreciated.  They look like little volcanoes...I hate them. Thank you, J