Baby Skin Care Tips

Baby Skin Care Tips

Written By Samantha Dym, Contributing Author.

Keeping your skin clean and healthy is important. And, it is just as vital for babies, who have about four common skin conditions. But, don’t worry… there are ways to treat them.

Here are the top skin conditions in babies and how to treat them:

    1. Intertrigo is a rash mainly found in a baby’s skin folds. Usually around the neck area. This condition can be found in chubby babies under six months of age. It is caused by excessive moisture from drool that collect in your baby’s creases. It is recommended that you wash the inside of your baby’s skin folds with water and apply a zinc-oxide barrier cream to protect them. As babies get older this condition does go away.
    1. Prickly Heat can be found on the face, neck, back, or bottom. It looks like tiny red bumps, which are caused by overheating due to hot and humid weather. It can also be caused by over-bundling in tight clothing. In order to fix this condition… you’ll need to keep your baby out of the heat and dress them in loose clothing. In just 30 minutes after doing so… you will see a huge improvement in your baby’s skin.
    1. Seborrhea, also known as Cradle Cap, is a rash… much like dandruff… that appears on the scalp and eyebrows, behind the ears, on the neck, cheeks, and the chest. It is common in babies under six months old. There is no actual known cause of this skin condition. However, if you rub a little olive oil or baby oil on the baby’s scalp it will loosen the scales so they brush off. A small amount of anti-dandruff shampoo for the scalp and behind the ears is also recommended.
    1. Eczema can appear on a baby’s body around three or four months old. It looks like patchy areas that turn red, ooze pus, and crust over. Anything can be a trigger for this skin condition. However, hot weather can cause sweating, which in turn irritates the skin. Cold weather can dry out the skin. Outbreaks can also happened due to the use of soaps with fragrance, wearing clothing that isn’t made from 100% cotton, and even the use of harsh laundry detergents. It is recommended that you wash your baby’s skin with a gentle, fragrance-free cleanser, and apply moisturizer onto damp skin twice daily.

When you’re outside in the sun… whether your baby is a newborn or he/she is four years old… it is always recommended to apply sunscreen. Remember, a baby’s skin can be very sensitive. That’s why it is always best to consult with your pediatrician if a condition develops or worsens.