All-Trans Retinol - Question Of The Day

All-Trans Retinol – Question Of The Day

Question: Can I use your All-Trans Retinol during the day too? I’d like to use it twice a day.

Answer: You need to use the All-Trans Retinol at night only. A lot of people think it needs to be used at night only because if you use it during the day, you will be more prone to UV damage. That is only partly true. Using Retinol makes your skin more prone to UV damage whether you use it at night or during the day. That’s one of the reasons it’s so important to use sun protection every day – rain or shine. But the real reason you need to use All-Trans Retinol at night only (or any retinol product) is because the ingredient itself is sensitive to sunlight. Retinol degrades (loses its effectiveness) when exposed to light and air. Retinol should only be purchased when in a UV protectant pump bottle that has a cap or tube to preserve it. Storing it in a dark, cool place like your medicine cabinet is recommended as well. If you want to go a step further, wrap aluminum foil around your bottle.