Acne Solutions Serum with Ac.Net - Question Of The Day

Acne Solutions Serum with Ac.Net – Question Of The Day

Question: Is it normal for the Acne Solutions Serum with Ac.Net to make skin oily as the day goes on? It seems to be making more oil than usual. Can you also tell me what the benefit is to using the toner before the serum? Currently I’m just using the serum by itself, but I have already ordered the toner. Would it be worth it to start the toner when I get it, and if so why? My final question is regarding hyper pigmentation. Do the acnet products help to reduce red marks left behind? I have tried your 5-5-5 formula in the past but unfortunately the jojoba oil does not work for me. Thanks as always.

Answer: It’s normal for the AcNet Serum to not dry out your skin – but it should not be producing more oil. Since I specialize in anti-aging skin care, I made it so that it doesn’t age you while it prevents and heals acne. If your skin is oilier than it used to be during the day, why not use the serum at night only. Then you can use the Acne Solutions Toner during the day – it has AcNet in it too. And if your skin continues to get oily during the day, you can re-apply your Acne Solutions Toner. OR you can continue to use the serum twice a day and when your skin gets oily, use the toner throughout the day. Yes, it’s worth it – and I don’t know if you saw the list of benefits you get from using the toner (you asked me if it would be worth using the toner and why) but they are listed on this link – just scroll down and see the list of benefit icons:

Click here to see the list of benefits you get from using the Acne Solutions Toner With Ac.Net

On the same link – there is feedback from one of my testers who said that her red marks from acne are fading. That is going to take time though – it will not work quickly. How long it takes depends on your skin and how long the marks have been there.