Why I Love NCN’s Cell Renewal Toner So Much - Cara's Corner

Why I Love NCN’s Cell Renewal Toner So Much – Cara’s Corner

Hi everyone! I’ve added a new writer to my blog – my dear, devoted sister Cara, who as you know, is also my right hand woman. Cara will be contributing to the blog more often than not I’m hoping – and I’m calling it “Cara’s Corner”. Here’s her first entry (thank you Cara!):

I love NCN’s Cell Renewal Toner. I love it so much that I make sure I don’t run out of it over a weekend or if I am going to be out of the office. In short, I have become addicted to it as part of my night-time skin care ritual.

Now, I always liked the idea of toners and thought the bottles and packaging were pretty, but I didn’t feel they were necessary. I also didn’t find one that I couldn’t live without, until I tried a sample of Nanci’s Cell Renewal Toner. The smell of it alone made me want to use it. When I tried it on a cotton pad after cleansing, I was thrilled that it removed every trace of makeup, dirt and oil that I had missed.

I use my toner, for the most part, at night when I am washing my face at the sink. My philosophy is that when I shower in the morning, all dirt and residue are washed away down the drain and rinsed off automatically without thought. However, if I am at the bathroom sink, I have the potential to miss areas around the ears, hairline, jawline and neck in general. Though I do my best to cleanse these areas with the microfiber facial cloth, it is just not the same as taking a shower, particularly around the neck and decollete.

I have a habit of taking long power walks after work and tend to break a mild sweat, though not enough to warrant another shower. This is where the Cell Renewal Toner is important at night, particularly to act as an extra cleanser booster, because I end up using two cotton pads to remove dirt and sweat that my washcloth hasn’t completely depleted on the neck and décolleté areas. I also love that it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and ready to apply my night-time products to.

So, as you can see, I am truly devoted to my dear Cell Renewal Toner. And I can’t get enough of that beloved scent!