Steps to getting clear skin with NCN Professional SkinCare Products
Clear Skin

Steps to getting clear skin with NCN Professional SkinCare Products

The first step to clear skin is always a good cleansing routine! Read on to find out why.
During sleep, oil and dead skin cells build up and can clog your pores. Washing your face in the morning removes surface impurities settled in your skin overnight. Try our Multi-Acid Cleansing Gel which removes dead skin cells and impurities while exfoliating to reveal a brighter complexion. It also provides a deep-cleansing clean without drying out skin.
Bonus: washing in the morning helps you wake up! Feeling refreshed is a great way to start the day.

You washed your face in the morning so why wash again at night? Because you’ll want to remove the days accumulation of pollution, dirk, sunscreen and makeup that settled in your pores throughout the day. You wear make-up, touch your face often exposing your skin to more bacteria and dirt. Imagine leaving all that on your skin while you sleep. No thanks!

Avoid over-washing which can cause dry skin! Washing too often is a no-no since it can lead to dryness. Skin should be cleansed twice a day only. Your face needs some natural oil to stay healthy and moisturized. If you dry out your skin, your body over produces more oil which could lead to breakouts! The key to a great cleansing routine and clear skin is always “balance”.

Look for cleansers that don’t contain sodium lauryl sulfate. None of our cleansers contain SLS. Our Rinsable Cleansing Oil is another great choice. This makeup-removing facial cleansing oil clears skin of dirt and impurities while providing lasting hydration and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Following up with an alcohol free toner is the ideal path to clear skin!  Our alcohol free facial toner is loaded with skin calming botanicals.  Perfect for all skin types, Cell Renewal Toner calms even the most sensitive skin.  Restore proper PH levels in your skin while preparing your skin to maximize the benefits of your anti-aging skin care products.

Kick your skincare routine into high gear with these tips to get flawless and clear skin. Get ready for your prettiest skin ever!