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L-Ascorbic Acid is the best form of Vitamin C to use on your skin, and Why L-Ascorbic is the best form of Vitamin Chere's why:

L-Ascorbic Acid is said to be the purest form of Vitamin C., and is very significant for a healthy skin. Vitamin C comes in different forms like L-Ascorbic Acid (AA) Ascorbyl palmitate (AP), Magnesium Ascorbyl phosphate (MAP), Ascorbyl tetra-isopalmitoyl (ATIP). So, how do we make sure that L-Ascorbic Acid is the best form of Vitamin C?

Coconut oil helps our skin!  Coconut Oil Skin Benefits

Coconut Oil helps our skin in that it helps us to fight microbes in the body and is excellent for cooking. It even smells amazing!  But did you know that coconut oil is great for skin too? Coconut oil helps our skin since it can penetrate our skin on a deeper level because of its low molecular weight and the manner it bonds with proteins. Coconut oil is superb in protecting our skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Get Glowing Skin With Our 30% Pro 30% Pro Pumpkin PeelPumpkin Peel!  Pumpkin is not just an ingredient used to make pies on Thanksgiving. You may not have realized that pumpkin can make your skin healthy and radiant.

Pumpkin can penetrate deeper into the skin since the molecular structure of pumpkin is small.  Our 30% Pro Pumpkin Peel amazingly treats dull complexion, pigmentation and aging skin. Pumpkin contains natural enzymes that dissolve skin cells. Therefore I have used this wonderful ingredient in my 30% Pro Pumpkin Peel to make your skin nourished and dissolve dead skin cells revealing glowing skin. It also reduces fine lines, wrinkles and age spots while creating a younger-looking skin. It diminishes acne, blackheads, whiteheads and scars as well.

Skin care benefits of Sea Kelp:

[caption id="attachment_4669" align="alignright" width="192"]skin care benefits of sea kelp Sea Kelp[/caption] Countless species of marine plants and algae that grow in the ocean as well as in other water bodies are named "Seaweed" in general. Sea Kelp is the largest and most nutrient rich of all seaweed species. Skin care benefits of Sea Kelp offer superior hydration as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits. Rich in vitamins and trace minerals, Sea Kelp can be applied on the skin as a firming agent, healing agent, exfoliating agent, and strengthening agent. Sea Kelp contains essential fatty acids that don't just suffuse your skin with moisture, but also prevents your skin from losing that moisture with continued use.

Carrot Seed Oil Benefits For Your Skin.Carrot Seed Oil Benefits For Your Skin

Hello everyone!

Have you ever noticed the Carrot Seed Oil benefits for your skin?  It is an essential oil extracted from the seeds of the carrot plant. It has several skin care benefits, together with the ability to rejuvenate dry and mature skin, it can help firm and tone your look. It is said to be done with “carotol,” a key component found in carrot seed oil. The oil also has protective vitamin C and moisturizing vitamin E which work together to help bring new life to skin. Carrot seed oil can help with sensitive skin too.

The Benefits of Sunflower Seed Oil & Extract in Skin Care Products.

[caption id="attachment_4655" align="alignright" width="255"]Sunflower Seed Oil Benefits Sunflower Seed Oil[/caption] Why it's a great idea to incorporate sunflower seed  oil & extract into your skincare regime: Sunflower Oil & Seed Extract comes from the seed of the cheerful summertime flowers we know and love. Sunflower seed oil & seed extract has a rich and balanced nutrients composition.  It is an anti-oxidant that helps to shield the skin from external environmental impacts.

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Anti-aging skin care products that work areAnti-Aging Skin Care Products my passion.  I want to thank Deanne W. for submitting the following testimonial!

I am 54, and I have enjoyed trouble free beautiful skin most of my life. I had learned not to take care of my skin.  But over the past 7 years, I started noticing how dull my complexion had become, dark puffy areas beneath eyes, pores were apparent, and that my lower face was starting to sag (jowls), pucker lines appearing above my mouth, and vertical neck lines. It was depressing, but I started to just accept that this was a change with which I’d have to learn to accept. Then one day, while searching the internet, and being curious about Vitamin C serum, I came upon NCN Skincare products, as a result of information learned that not all of these products are created equal or even actually usable by our skin, but Nanci’s product stood out.