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The Benefits of Sunflower Seed Oil & Extract in Skin Care Products.

[caption id="attachment_4655" align="alignright" width="255"]Sunflower Seed Oil Benefits Sunflower Seed Oil[/caption] Why it's a great idea to incorporate sunflower seed  oil & extract into your skincare regime: Sunflower Oil & Seed Extract comes from the seed of the cheerful summertime flowers we know and love. Sunflower seed oil & seed extract has a rich and balanced nutrients composition.  It is an anti-oxidant that helps to shield the skin from external environmental impacts.

Are you looking for a simple morning and night skin care routine that gives you the results you're looking for? That's exactly what you'll get here! No matter what your skin type is, you'll reap the benefits of these must have anti-aging formulas! Microfiber Cleansing Cloth Vitamin C+ Serum Physical...

Anti-aging skin care products that work areAnti-Aging Skin Care Products my passion.  I want to thank Deanne W. for submitting the following testimonial!

I am 54, and I have enjoyed trouble free beautiful skin most of my life. I had learned not to take care of my skin.  But over the past 7 years, I started noticing how dull my complexion had become, dark puffy areas beneath eyes, pores were apparent, and that my lower face was starting to sag (jowls), pucker lines appearing above my mouth, and vertical neck lines. It was depressing, but I started to just accept that this was a change with which I’d have to learn to accept. Then one day, while searching the internet, and being curious about Vitamin C serum, I came upon NCN Skincare products, as a result of information learned that not all of these products are created equal or even actually usable by our skin, but Nanci’s product stood out.

All-In-One Anti-Aging Cream Wins Editor's Choice Award! We are very proud to announce that the Short List Beauty Blog in the UK has announced its 2016 award winning products and given our All-In-One Anti-Aging Cream the prestigious and coveted Editor's Choice Award! A special thank you to Katy Hull, our wonderful, beautiful...

Before and After Picture, 3 Products, 3 Weeks Later! Client Review - thank you Korri!

[caption id="attachment_4495" align="alignright" width="150"]Korri before and after IMG_6336 Before & After: Face is lifted![/caption] After many weeks, if not many months, of searching for a skincare line, I was given Nanci's website. It was actually in reference to sea kelp bioferment. I researched Nanci’s company and products to see what she had to offer, went over testimonials, and read her blogs, read “what people say” section on the NCN SkinCare website, compared her products to what I had already researched. I really liked the fact that she was the creator of these amazingaccelerator_zoom products and was there to assist you personally. It is very personal and friendly and she provides excellent customer service. I ordered my products only four short weeks ago. I ordered the Skin Tight Lifting Elixir, VOLU-LIFT Recontouring Face Cream with Ceramides and the Multi-active Accelerator.

Matrixyl, Matrixyl 3000, and Matrixyl Synthe’ 6 In Your Formula.

When looking for a Matrixyl formula, make sure regular Matrixyl, Matrixyl 3000 & Matrixyl Synthe'6 are in the formula! Here's the scoop:

Anti aging skin care products containing Matrixyl have received a lotImage of Matrixyl Serum of press over the last few years. There are newer versions of this effective substance known as Matrixyl 3000 & Matrixyl Synthe'6.  We have all three peptides in our Multi-Active Peptide Matrixyl Serum 25%.  Consumers may be wondering what the difference is between them. There are some real differences between them. This article will examine some of the more important issues concerning them.

Your Skincare Toolbox 101 Sea Buckthorn Oil: Berry Berry Good!Image of DNA Serum

Sea Buckthorn is an ancient plant that has been used for centuries to serve both science and beauty. This amazing little orange berry has burst forth on to the cosmetics scene, gifting us with oil that most certainly finds a home in our Skincare Toolboxes. Due to the moisturizing fatty acids, omega 3, 6, 7, and (the very rare) 9, it has an innate ability to revive skin cells. The cosmetics industry uses this oil to strengthen the structure of the skin, to maintain its elasticity and to actively fight against free radicals. Sea Buckthorn protects against the harmful effects of the sun and also helps in the treatment of sunburns.

Exfoliation:  Why we need it.

Exfoliation is key since our skin naturally Image of Exfoliation with the Microfiber Cleansing Clothsheds every 28 days. With age, this process slows which causes dull, tired looking skin. The daily use of acid free exfoliating (our Microfiber Cleansing Cloth) along with our weekly or monthly 30% Pro Pumpkin Peel dissolves dead, flakey skin cells, promotes collagen production, and builds elasticity. I’ll never forget the first time I cleansed my face with a microfiber cloth. Those little smooth fibers had me hooked from day one. Our new microfiber cleansing cloth is the best one I’ve used yet. In our comparison testing, 100% of testers prefer the new one - 100%!