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QUESTION: Dear Nanci, Perhaps you can offer some advice.  I have a few areas on my forehead that drive me crazy.  My physician refers to the miniature volcanoes as "over active sebaceous glands" or more accurately, the areas are the results from...over active.. At any rate, I have had them lasered off, only to have them return months later.  Any ideas you can offer to rid myself of these little pesky bumps will be most appreciated.  They look like little volcanoes...I hate them. Thank you, J

I get this question often – which of your products are recommended for teens? On our "Acne Products" page we offer acne solutions for all ages. However, some of the products are not appropriate for teens since they focus on anti-aging as well. The only anti-aging product a teen should be using is sun protection.

Multi-Active Accelerator (formerly CP Accelerator) – Possibly the best anti-aging formula ever? I hear it over and over again – how Multi-Active Accelerator has transformed skin. One client told me that she would be very happy if there was a store next to her that sold Multi-Active Accelerator only so she would never run out of it. 

One of the great things about the NCN Acne Products is that they're effective and safe for people of all ages. With the exception of GHK-Cu Copper Peptide Serum With EGF and DNA Serum, anyone under the age of 28 can use all of the products.