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Hi everyone! As you probably know, Connecticut got hit with a freak October storm last week that knocked power out all over the state. Some homes are STILL without power and might not have it back until Wednesday. We lost our power on Saturday, October 29th and didn't get...

I get emails like the one below A LOT! “Your products work as advertised” is what any and every skin care company wants to hear. Basically folks, I’m bound and determined to look my absolute best – I don’t want to look 18, I want to look really good for my age (which is 57 until January). So I spend my time working on that very diligently. And I don’t mean in front of the mirror, I mean in my lab. The products that Kristin is referring to below are the Rhassoul Cleansing Bar and the Acne Detox Cleansing Bar. I don’t make those; they’re made for me by Secret Soap Stash; so I can’t take credit for them….but Salli (best soap maker in the world) makes them for me according to my specs. So whether I make it, have it made for me, or I’m a reseller of something, if a product doesn’t work, I wouldn’t offer it…..regardless, it’s my name and I will continue to strive to bring you the best there is and that work as advertised!

DNA is AMAZING was the subject line in the email I received over the weekend from a dear regular client of mine. When your husband notices improvement in your skin, that’s huge! The purpose of the DNA Serum is to slow the aging process; but the fact...

Dear Nancy, I wanted to drop you an e-mail as to my experiences I have gotten since I started using your products. I am 46 years old and I did have good skin to start with. I have always prided myself on taking care of myself. Since starting with your products approximately 3 months ago my skin has improved more than I ever expected. Those small fine lines seem to be vanishing, my skin brighter, clearer than I ever thought possible. The other day I looked in the mirror and realized that those mouth lines are leaving my face. I recently added the DNA product to my skin care routine and that is the one product that seems to have made even more of a difference in my complexion. Thank you for coming out with such a great product line. Your products are easy to use, layer, and do not burn at all like other lines I have used in the past do. Please keep adding new products to the specials; saving money is another bonus with your line. Thanks again! Genny