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Put an end to dull, flaky skin following these simple guidelines. Dry & itchy skin is no joke. Since skin is the body's largest organ, the irritation and discomfort that go along with dehydration can affect your daily life, from your attire to your social life. Therefore, put an end to dull, flaky skin with these simple rules that keep your skin hydrated.

Are you looking for a simple morning and night skin care routine that gives you the results you're looking for? That's exactly what you'll get here! No matter what your skin type is, you'll reap the benefits of these must have anti-aging formulas! Microfiber Cleansing Cloth Vitamin C+ Serum Physical...

Hi everyone, We get emails from prospective new clients on a daily basis asking for assistance with product selection. I feel that it's best to start out with just a few products. If you get too many at once, you won't know what's doing what for your skin. You can always add on later! For starting out with NCN products, here are some suggested anti-aging routines for normal/combination and normal/dry skin types:

Hi everyone! I've had a couple of clients recently inquiring about the amount of time needed to wait between applying one product over the other. It's prompted me to discuss it here to help clear it up. It has also prompted me to make a few amendments to the Product Instructions. So thank you for asking!

Written By Samantha Dym, Contributing Author.

F. Scott Fitzgerald's "Roaring Twenties" time period novel, The Great Gatsby, is coming to life on the big screen, again. Only this time... it will feature the handsome Leonardo DiCaprio to play the role of the mysterious Jay Gatsby, previously played by Robert Redford in 1974, and silent film star Warner Baxter in 1926. Carey Mulligan plays the role of Daisy Buchanan, Gatsby's lover. This film will display women draped in feathers, loose dresses, and beads, among other things. These were all popular accents to wear during the "Roaring Twenties"... but how did women care for their skin back then?