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L-Ascorbic Acid is the best form of Vitamin C to use on your skin, and Why L-Ascorbic is the best form of Vitamin Chere's why:

L-Ascorbic Acid is said to be the purest form of Vitamin C., and is very significant for a healthy skin. Vitamin C comes in different forms like L-Ascorbic Acid (AA) Ascorbyl palmitate (AP), Magnesium Ascorbyl phosphate (MAP), Ascorbyl tetra-isopalmitoyl (ATIP). So, how do we make sure that L-Ascorbic Acid is the best form of Vitamin C?

By Louise J. Manteuffel, guest contributor

[caption id="attachment_3993" align="alignright" width="150"] Pump It Up With Pumpkin![/caption] Let us for a moment regard the humble pumpkin; it’s not just for dinner anymore. Adding a pumpkin peel to your list of pampering pick-me-ups will wake up and revitalize your appearance no matter what your age or skin type. We have all become attuned as to what benefits us on the inside. We’ve amped up the veggies and cut back on processed foods. But did you know that pumpkin has become a skin care leading lady?

Written By:  Louise J. Manteuffel, guest contributor

For over twenty years, Vitamin C has been a popular ingredient available in a wide variety of skin care products.  Scientists and beauty editors agree: the topical use of Vitamin C can be quite beneficial to our skin, promoting that fresh and youthful look that we all crave. A highly effective antioxidant, C inhibits free radical damage while building collagen. It has been shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, while increasing volume and firmness.  Furthermore, Vitamin C gently lightens hyperpigmentation (dark spots) for a more radiant and even toned complexion.  It’s no wonder that this power tool of the beauty industry has found its way into cosmetic bags worldwide.  

Hi everyone! Here's another question I get a lot - and it's a tough one to answer! But I tried.... read on! Question: I am planning on starting a new skin care regime. I have just turned 40 and look at 45. I have deep wrinkles on my forehead and sagging jowls and my skin looks wrinkly. What products would you suggest if I were to get one or 2. Let me know. Thank you kindly! Answer: That's a very tough question for me, because everyone's skin is different since it's a living organ.

Pretty much on a daily basis, I get emails asking me the same question: "Nanci, what do you recommend for my sagging, crepey skin with hyperpigmentation?" Below are the products that I recommend - and by all means, I'm not suggesting that you get all of them. Please click on the ones you want to learn more about and then make your decision based on your skin type (included in the information below). If you buy toooo many products, you're not going to know what's doing what for your skin. You can always add on at a later time.