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Hi everyone! I’ve just added a new, very effective deep exfoliating cleansing gel that has glycolic acid, lactic acid, malic acid and salicylic acid in it. As you know, I’m against using an acid on your skin on a daily basis. But that pertains to an acid that stays on your skin – not one you wash off.

Update: I heard back from another client who tried Goons idea of using the Rhassoul Cleansing Bar on her hair and this is what Shirley said: "By Jimminy, Nanci, "Goon's idea of using Rhassoul cleansing bar as shampoo works just as she said! After several shampooings, my fine hair (scourge of my life) is full, tangle free, and looks really good! I'm delighted! Thank you for passing on tips from your clients - one never knows what might work wonders! Oh - a PS - I got my husband to try it (he has scalp issues) and it helped his scalp and his thinning hair looked much fuller. Yow. Excuse me now, while I go order a few more bars of my favorite soap. Thanks so much!" Here is the original post: Goons (reviewer’s name) gave the Rhassoul Cleansing Bar a 5 star rating – for her hair! I’m going to have to try it myself as it never even crossed my mind. This is what Goons said:

You may have noticed a change in the color and texture of the Rhassoul Cleansing Bar. That’s because the Rhassoul itself has been upgraded to the highest quality Rhassoul that money can buy. The bar is a bit lighter in color and has a creamier texture…. It will not dry out your skin and works for all skin types – acne, sensitive, rosacea, dry, oily, you name it, the Rhassoul Cleansing Bar works for everyone (even those with the driest skin)!