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Kombucha Soap From Life Creations By Olga on Etsy is my favorite new find. This award winning soap smells SO good, and lathers up into creamy goodness. What great gifts they make! Be sure to get one for yourself too. How I discovered Olga on Etsy I found this...

If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only pick 4 skin care products, what would they be?  Well, first of all, if I was stuck on a deserted island, my top 5 things to have wouldn't be skin care, but.... just sayin'... If you don't have a "go to" regiment or are looking for a better way to take care of your skin, here are my top 5 must have skin care products.

Foods That Nourish the Skin: Top 5 for Unsurpassed Results

As I’ve already mentioned in a recent blog post,  "healthy-skin-healthy-body-healthy-mind", you really can heal yourself through food. These are not just beautiful words. It’s my own life experience. That’s why today I want to focus on the foods that nourish the skin.

Good day to you! Jessica of Elegantly Dressed & Stylish (pictured above, what a beauty!) contacted me for an interview.  I hope you enjoy reading it! My Interview with Nanci of NCN Skincare By Jessica Jannenga: How did you get started as an Aesthetician? I think I knew what I wanted to do...

Get your beauty sleep for beautiful skin! The ZZZs you catch every night can have a strong influence on your skin health.  Get your beauty sleep for beautiful skin, here's how: A good night's sleep equals good skin health because when you’re sleep-deprived, your body makes more of the stress hormone cortisol....

My top 10 beauty tips for better skin don't include what we already Top 10 Beauty Tipsknow; drink more water, exercise regularly, eat skin healthy foods, and get 8 hours of sleep every night.   Of course, we need to do all of them; but I'm hoping you find something new in my personal favorites that I've used over the years.