Coconut Oil Usage & Acne: It's GOOD for acne - really!
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Coconut Oil usage

Coconut Oil Usage & Acne: It’s GOOD for acne – really!

Coconut oil usage for acne has received some bad (and unwarranted) press on the internet…. if you have acne, or know someone who suffers from it, please do read on!

Coconut Oil is EXCELLENT for ACNE…. But, it needs to be certified organic, virgin coconut oil, cold pressed and unrefined (like the one we use)!

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Treating Acne:

1. Unrefined virgin coconut oil is non-comedogenic and will not clog your pores or cause or worsen acne breakouts on your skin.

2. It is rich in lauric acid which is known to fight acne deep at the core of the problem. Lauric acid is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral so it is incredibly potent against even the worst acne-cystic acne.
Anyone who suffers from cystic acne knows how big pimples can get and even worse, how PAINFUL they are. Something as simple as coconut oil usage can help banish your acne forever.

3. Coconut oil usage will soothe inflamed skin caused by acne.

4. Rich in Vitamin E to help promote repair on damaged skin from open wounds, sun damage, or acne. Vitamin E will help minimize scarring and heal damaged skin more quickly.

5. Coconut oil is added to many skincare products due to its ability to heal skin issues.

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