Sunscreen for face - Why we need to use it rain or shine
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Sunscreen for face – Why we need to use it rain or shine

Sunscreen for Face: Why We Need to Use Sunscreen Every Day Rain or Shine

What do you usually do before going out on a hot sunny day? Undoubtedly, you put on your favorite sunscreen for face to protect your skin from sunburns and premature aging. However, are you in a habit of using a great sunscreen cream if the day is cold, cloudy or rainy? If not, you’re making a big mistake that can cost you both a younger looking and healthier skin.In fact, it doesn’t matter whether you are walking along the street or driving your car. In any case, wearing sunscreen for face is vital.

The Importance of Being Protected

It’s a scientific fact that the sun gives us not only light and warmth. It also sends us dangerous ultraviolet rays (UVA and UVB). These rays can trigger harmful changes in your skin. Their negative impact may cause various skin problems including even cancer.

Sunscreen for face is a wise solution that helps you avoid different skin problems caused by ultraviolet radiation. It carefully protects you and reduces the risk of sunburns, premature aging, and skin cancer.

Why Use Sunscreen for Face on Cloudy Days

Unfortunately, many people still believe that if the sun isn’t visible for a week their skin doesn’t need protection. It’s not true. Clouds can’t save your skin. According to scientific studies, clouds can filter out sunlight but not the ultraviolet rays. In general, they block not more than 20% whereas the other 80% are still here. As a result, without sunscreen cream, you can damage your skin even without noticing it.

Why Use Sunscreen Cream When It’s Cold

There’s also one more common misconception when it comes to protecting your skin from the sun. Some people are sure that it’s impossible to get sunburned on cold days. However, the sun shines on cold days as bright as it does on hot ones and UV rays are completely independent of temperature.

Our I’m Covered Physical Sunscreen SPF32 is a delight to use.  It’s safe and effective and will not leave a trace of white on your skin – we guarantee it.  So, don’t put your skin under the risk. Whether it’s sunny, cloudy or rainy never forget to apply SPF!