The Benefits of Vitamin A For Your Skin Inside And Out
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Benefits of Vitamin A For Your Skin

The Benefits of Vitamin A For Your Skin Inside And Out

The benefits of Vitamin A for your skin are many!  I’m going to talk about the best two ways to get those benefits into and onto your skin.

The first way is to use a topical Vitamin A product, like our All-Trans Retinol 2.0%.  We offer two formulas:

  • All-Trans Retinol 2.0% Formula I – this formula has not only 2.0% trans retinol in it, it also has pure Vitamin A at 0.006%.  This is the one you want to start with.  I still use it on a regular basis.
  • All-Trans Retinol 2.0% Formula II – this formula also has 2.0% trans retinol in it, but has 3x the amount of Vitamin A at 0.018%.  I recommend Formula II for anyone who has used a prescription tretinoin product before without constant peeling, as well as people with deep cystic acne.

Both formulas are in an organic base and encapsulated in liposomes.  Liposomes are a fantastic delivery system that gets the retinol delivered to the prickle layer of your skin in a time released fashion.

The second way to get the benefits of Vitamin A is to eat foods high in it. We know this….. but did you know that fermenting is the best method to get the most nutrients and enzymes possible?

Rather than taking a supplement,  it’s easy to get plenty of Vitamin A from food; it’s so important to eat the correct foods to get the benefits of Vitamin A.  I came across an article I’d like to share with you that explains so well that fermenting vegetables is the way to go for nutrition, enzymes and digestion.

This is an excerpt from Healthy Living Articles:  

“Most lacto-fermented foods are made from raw vegetables, without heat. These raw vegetables are allowed to culture over a few days in an anaerobic environment with a salt-water brine, during which the lacto-bacilli grow and culture the food. This type of food preparation is nothing new and has been done since the time of the building of the Great Wall of China. Some of the first original lacto-fermented foods were sauerkraut and pickles.

Lacto-fermented foods have the great benefits of both raw and cooked vegetables. During the lacto-fermenting process the tough cellular walls of vegetables are broken down, allowing for a much easier level of absorption by the body. A plus is that during the lacto-fermentation process the vitamin levels actually increase along with enzyme levels, often by 2 to 3 times.

One last plus that lacto-fermented foods have over raw or cooked vegetables is their pro-biotic count. During the lacto-fermenting process the levels of beneficial pro-biotics can climb to easily pass the numbers of any pro-biotic supplement. These great lacto-bacilli help to build the flora (good bacteria) in the digestive tract, which in turn builds and supports the immune system. Our ancestors knew this fact and often consumed lacto-fermented foods daily to help maintain their health”.

I love fermenting my vegetables, it’s easy, it’s fun and absolutely the best way to internally get the benefits of Vitamin A for your skin.