An Interview With Nanci By Jessica Of EDS Blog
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An Interview With Nanci By Jessica Of EDS Blog

Good day to you!

Jessica of Elegantly Dressed & Stylish (pictured above, what a beauty!) contacted me for an interview.  I hope you enjoy reading it!

My Interview with Nanci of NCN Skincare By Jessica Jannenga:

How did you get started as an Aesthetician? I think I knew what I wanted to do by age 4 when I’d spend hours going through my Mother’s makeup and skin care drawer. I never lost the passion for it, and now, at 64, I’m more passionate about it than ever!

Name 3 things women over 50 should do for their skin. Three things that women (or men) should do for their skin over age 50 (or any age really) is #1 to eat clean healthful food and drink plenty of water. #2 Watch stress levels. Stress is brutal on our skin so anything you can do to lessen stress is helpful. Yoga, meditation, taking time for yourself doing something you enjoy, having pets are good examples of what can be done. #3 Use clean skin care products with state of the art actives that trick your skin into acting (and looking) younger than it is.

If you had a woman choose 3 products to use daily to improve collegen and reduce fine lines what would they be? What is one of your mainstay products? I feel that every one needs to use a good Retinol, Vitamin C Serum and SPF. Those 3 products alone cover a lot of ground. In addition, I’m addicted to my All-In-One Anti-Aging Cream because it contains several of the actives that are in my individual products. It’s a real time saver. I also can’t live without my GHK-Cu Copper Peptide Amino Complex.

Any advice on women over 50 who are trying to improve their skin? In addition to what I already mentioned about the over 50 crowd, an investment to make to improve skin is an LED photo rejuvenation device. I also believe in fillers, especially the ones made with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that we have in our bodies that declines with age. I get fillers and the RN who does them told me that mine last several months longer because of my skin care products. I LOVE that they prolong the life span of fillers. Fillers typically last 8 months, I can go a year without needing to have them done again.

How is NCN Skincare different from some of the other products out there on the market, and how does one choose the right product for them? My products are different in several ways. One of them is that I keep my formulas clean. By that I mean that I don’t add unnecessary fillers to make a formula more “cosmetically pleasing”. I like to use as few ingredients as I can to get the most of out a formula. I also use high amounts of actives in my products. If an active works better at a higher usage rate than what the suggested usage rate is, I’ll use the higher percent. An example is my Multi-Active Peptide Matrixyl Serum 25%. It has a high percent of the Matrixyl family of actives in it. It would be more cosmetically pleasing if it had less actives in it. Also, my Vitamin C+ Serum has raw glutathione in it. Raw glutathione smells like sulfur. Fortunately, the smell dissipates once it’s massaged into your skin. When someone registers on my website, they’re automatically offered a free skin analysis that I personally do. It’s a fillable form with specific questions about their skin. It’s so helpful to me! But people are pretty good about selecting the right products. I have a lot of information about each product on my website. I also have kits available that address specific skin concerns; that’s a great way to start using my products, and they’re discounted at 20% off.

On another note, I do really love the NCN Professional Skincare website. There is a wealth of information on each product, it’s benefits, how to use, and description, along with some videos. It is very informative!

Jessica, thank you for the interview!!