Put An End To Dull, Flaky Skin with NCN SkinCare Products
Put an end to dull, flaky skin

Put An End To Dull, Flaky Skin with NCN SkinCare Products

Put an end to dull, flaky skin following these simple guidelines.

Dry & itchy skin is no joke. Since skin is the body’s largest organ, the irritation and discomfort that go along with dehydration can affect your daily life, from your attire to your social life. Therefore, put an end to dull, flaky skin with these simple rules that keep your skin hydrated.

Find the best exfoliator
Put an end to dull, flaky skin by exfoliating properly.  Exfoliating is helpful for those who have dry skin since it aids the dull surface layers of skin cells to be shed, layers that can prevent moisturizers from being absorbed. But, don’t over-exfoliate. For physical exfoliating, the Microfiber Exfoliating Cloth will get the job done. It exfoliates without damaging your skin, and doesn’t disrupt your skin’s acid mantle. It’s safer for your skin than a daily leave-on acid; plus it works better!

Don’t cleanse too often
Same as exfoliating too much, cleansing too often can lead to dryness. Skin should be cleansed twice daily only. Also don’t forget to use a soapless cleanser when you are cleansing. Try our Skin Brightening Lemon Cream Cleanser which increases hydration levels while improving overall skin texture. Our Rinsable Cleansing Oil thoroughly cleanses pores without drying out skin.

Wear sunscreen
Don’t forget to wear a sunscreen with an SPF 30 or greater, 365 days of the year, rain or shine. It only takes a minute of defenseless sun exposure to start pestering your skin’s surface firmness. When skin is subjected to constant and unprotected sun exposure, it slowly but definitely makes it less able to trap moisture. It leads to the formation of wrinkles and also changes the skin tone. Our Physical Sunscreen SPF 32 I’m Covered will do the trick for you. It contains Mulberry Root Extract which helps fade sun damage and age spots while preventing new spots from forming.

Take a lukewarm shower
Hot showers strip the skin of natural oils and leave skin dry because barrier of natural oils helps to hold moisture and keep skin smooth and moist. Even though hot showers are relaxing, it’s not a good choice to take hot water showers. You can use lukewarm water instead. Also, limit your warm shower to 10 minutes.

Moisturize every day
Using a moisturizer daily is essential to put an end to dull, flaky skin.  When the skin is dry, it requires to be hydrated from the outside in to lock moisture in. For the most effective moisturizer, search for ingredients such as ceramides, that help support and refill lipids in the skin. Our VOLU-LIFT Recontouring Face Cream With Ceramides hydrates all skin types without being heavy or greasy. Also, it firms skin without irritation.

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