Sagging, Crepey Skin with Sun Damage: What I recommend...
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Sagging, Crepey Skin with Sun Damage: What I recommend…

Pretty much on a daily basis, I get emails asking me the same question: “Nanci, what do you recommend for my sagging, crepey skin with hyperpigmentation?”

Below are the products that I recommend – and by all means, I’m not suggesting that you get all of them. Please click on the ones you want to learn more about and then make your decision based on your skin type (included in the information below). If you buy toooo many products, you’re not going to know what’s doing what for your skin. You can always add on at a later time.

Here are my recommendations:

No matter what your skin type – take a look at Formula 7  which is specifically for fading “spots”.  Formula 7 even work on melasma and is anti-aging as well.  By the way, if you have any acne issues at all, Formula 7 also helps prevent acne & clear existing acne.

The Vitamin C+ Serum with Glutathione is also very good at fading spots, and it’s also anti-aging. Vitamin C+ Serum is for all skin types.

In spite of how well a Vitamin C product works, clients tell me the DNA Serum also is very good for “spots”. If your skin is normal/dry, I recommend the DNA Serum as well or instead of the Vitamin C+ Serum. The DNA Serum is amazing for anti-aging. It plumps your skin up, firms & delays aging. It can be used around your eye area as well. I get so much feedback on how well the DNA Serum works.

For all skin types, I recommend the SKIN TIGHT Lifting Elixir and/or GHK-Cu Copper Peptide Serum with EGF in conjunction with Formula 7. A real bonus of GHK-Cu Copper Peptide is that it inhibits UV radiation. And what a long list of benefits it has! Both SKIN TIGHT Lifting Elixir and GHK-Cu Copper Peptide Serum with EGF are strong antioxidants – but my favorite thing about them is how they lift and firm my skin!

Normal/Dry Skin: Multi-Active Accelerator is a client favorite for crepey skin. All of the products I’m recommending can and should be used around your eye area (upper and lower lids) as well as your neck and décolleté.

Normal/Dry Skin: VOLU-LIFT Recontouring Face Cream with Ceramides fills out and plumps up wrinkles while hydrating dry and dehydrated skin. It’s also healing. Clients have told me it got rid of their eczema.

ALL skin types: Last but certainly not least, our All-Trans Retinol 2.0% is a powerful anti-aging product that also fades spots.


The product instructions are on the website and show the order in which to use the products. The instructions are thorough and easy to follow. It’s always best to wait at least until one product is completely soaked into your skin before applying another product over it.