DNA Serum, EGF Serum, All-Trans Retinol etc….. How Long Does it Take Before I See Results?

I get this question a lot – how long does it take before I see results? That depends on three things, which product, the current condition of your skin, and your age.

Generally speaking, you can START to see results with the products in a couple of months. But I think that six months is the magic number for most of the “active” products. For some, depending on your individual skin and its condition, it could take up to a year.

You may notice immediate results with some of them – like the Multi-Active Accelerator, EGF Serum Capsules or the DNA Serum for example. However, those are most likely moisture retention or skin softness. For some (you’ve probably read about them in my blog), results including lifted skin and lines/wrinkles diminished is a reality after a short period of time. But for the most part, these products do not work so fast – and that’s expected. Your skin didn’t get the way it is overnight so it’s not going to look 10 years younger overnight. DNA Serum extends cell life – you will age slower.

You’ll notice immediate results with the 30% Pro Pumpkin Peel, the Microfiber Cleansing Cloth, and most likely the Rhassoul Cleansing Bar.

I had a client return her All-Trans Retinol 2.0% after 30 days because she didn’t notice any changes in her skin. Well, of course she didn’t – if you have unrealistic expectations, you won’t be a happy camper.

Our return policy for most of the products (unless otherwise stated in our guarantee) is 45 days. That’s really for a reaction that you may have to a product and the product just doesn’t agree with your particular skin. The refund policy isn’t for “if your skin doesn’t transform in 45 days”.

With continued use of the products, you will see results – just hang in there!

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