Products Work As Advertised
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Products Work As Advertised

I get emails like the one below A LOT! “Your products work as advertised” is what any and every skin care company wants to hear. Basically folks, I’m bound and determined to look my absolute best – I don’t want to look 18, I want to look really good for my age (which is 57 until January). So I spend my time working on that very diligently. And I don’t mean in front of the mirror, I mean in my lab. The products that Kristin is referring to below are the Rhassoul Cleansing Bar and the Acne Detox Cleansing Bar. I don’t make those; they’re made for me by Secret Soap Stash; so I can’t take credit for them….but Salli (best soap maker in the world) makes them for me according to my specs. So whether I make it, have it made for me, or I’m a reseller of something, if a product doesn’t work, I wouldn’t offer it…..regardless, it’s my name and I will continue to strive to bring you the best there is and that work as advertised!

Hi Nanci,

I had emailed you last week and you had given me some advice on the products to order from you. I just want to take the time to thank you for the quality of your products. It is not very often that items work as advertised, and I was extremely surprised and so very happy with all the stuff I ordered from you. I had never used any type of soap on my face before for fear of it not lathering enough, but both of the cleansing bars I ordered from you are amazing. My pores already look A LOT better than before, and I am so excited to keep using them. I am going to order some more products from you in the next few days. I will definitely recommend you on Facebook and to all my friends!!

Thank you!!

Kristin B.