The Best Products For Broken Capillaries/Spider Veins: Vaculifter and LED Photo Rejuvenation

Broken capillaries/spider veins aren’t the easiest things to get rid of, but you can! The fastest way to get rid of them is to have them lasered off. There are lasers specifically for the removal of broken caps, and they work!

However, if you don’t want to go that route and are a patient and disciplined person, the Vaculifter and/or your LED can and will get rid of broken capillaries! LED Technologies told me that the DPL Therapy Light (or the handheld Nuve) does not get rid of broken caps, however, I had one when I first started using my DPL and viola, it sure did get rid of it! AND it didn’t take long; about 2 months.

I took the following from an email that I received from Britt Schoebe who is the spokeswoman for the Vaculifter Company in Germany:

NOTE: UPDATE: WE NO LONGER SELL THE VACULIFTERS.. Click here to see where you can buy them.

“To see an effort, it is necessary to massage at least 3x a week 10-15 minutes*. I had spider veins myself, but they are gone. It takes a while but they come off. Don’t get irritated when they seem to be stronger at the beginning – this is normal, because circulation is getting more, but it’s getting less!”

“*For the first four to six times, please massage no longer than the skin is getting red -stop – because your skin is not yet used to the massage! When skin is thin, it could be only 2 minutes and when skin is thick, may be 3 minutes! After the fifth to sixth time you can massage 10-15 minutes.”

Just a reminder: The small face Vaculifter is for your eye area, including the 11’s and your mouth area (upper lip). It also plumps lips up! The large face Vaculfiter is for the rest of your face as well as your neck.
I also remember reading on a forum about a client of mine who uses the Vaculifter and she said that it took a YEAR for her broken capillaries to go away – but they did go away! And getting rid of spider veins/broken capillaries is no easy task like I said, but hey, they do work!

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