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Recent Feedback: DNA Serum

Feedback: I have used tons of anti-aging products over the years and this one will stay in the arsenal and be used because it works. The results I have gotten, even with my somewhat erratic usage, is impressive. This serum is the only product I have been using the last two weeks. I try to use it twice a day.

My results:

  • 11’s – almost gone
  • Crepiness around my eyes – gone
  • Eyelid firmness – significantly improved
  • Lines under my eyes – almost completely gone
  • Lip lines – almost completely gone
  • Deputy dog lines – improved (I thought this was impossible)
  • Skin texture and firmness – significantly improved and with a healthy glow

All of the above are what I have noticed after a very close examination WITH my reading glasses on! As an added bonus, I don’t need moisturizer with this serum, at least not in warm weather.

Nanci, please keep up your wonderful work. I have never seen such dramatic results from a product.