How to Use NCN Products (DNA Serum, GHK-Cu CP Serum With EGF, Collagen-Elestan Lifting Serum, etc.) with Retin-A (tretinoin)

I get this question a lot; especially since the DNA Serum launched. The following information isn’t just about Retin-A though, it’s some general application tips for different products that I get questions on pretty much every day. So I’m getting smart and writing in my blog about them LOL! With the amount of emails we get, it’s a lot easier to send a link rather than re-type them each and every time.
Retina-A (or any form of tretinoin) should be applied first. Then wait 20-30 minutes and apply your serum(s) and other skin care products over it.

Instructions for using prescription Retin-A are different than what they are for using my All-Trans Retinol 1.0% or 2.0%. There is no need for wait period like there is with Retin-A. You only need to wait long enough for the All-Trans Retinol to soak into your skin completely (a minute or two) before applying creams, lotions or oils over it. Serums go on first, before the All-Trans Retinol.

As a rule of thumb, products get applied in the following sequence:

1. Serums
2. Gels
3. Lotions
4. Creams
5. Oils

Always allow each product to soak in completely before applying another product.

Sun protection goes on over all other products and prior to applying your makeup.

Clients email me asking where and when to apply their Vitamin C topical. I don’t offer a topical Vitamin C serum or cream. The only reason I don’t is because Vitamin C as a topical has never done a thing for my skin. So if something doesn’t work for me, I don’t offer it. I take Vitamin C internally instead. If you use a topical Vitamin C product, it would go on over Formula 5-5-5 or Lemon Peel Bioferment. Then you follow with the rest of your products. If you use Vitamin C AND Copper Peptide, apply your Copper Peptide at night and your Vitamin C in the morning. OR you can apply your Copper Peptide in the morning, wait 20-30 minutes and apply your Vitamin C.

To see the order in which to use the products, they are listed on “Product Instructions”, which is on the top menu bar, next to “HOME”. We no longer send product instructions with every order because we’re trying to be more “green”. However, we still send instructions with the following products:

Easy Eye Solutions, Instant Eye Tuck, Illuminating Eye Care & Active Highlighter Pen.
30% Pro Pumpkin Peel.
No Lines Temporary Wrinkle Remover – there are instructions on the package but we send additional tips for using it.
Vaculifter – we send tips on using it, but the best instructions are on the demonstration video that’s right on the website. Just click on “more information” to get to the video.
DPL Therapy Light – we send additional tips that are not in the manufacturer’s user manual.

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