New Formula 5-5-5 Coming: “Spot Remover” & Acid Free Exfoliator in One!

The new Spot Remover & Acid Free Exfoliator will be called “Formula 5-5-5″.

I received an email from Ozana who is a regular and wonderful client of ours. She asked me to research the benefits of Niacinamide and Glucosamine (specifically N-acetyl-D-glucosamine or NAG) and how together they appear to be excellent for fading brown spots, hyperpigmentation and even melasma. She mentioned that it’s very difficult to find them together in a formula – especially one that isn’t loaded with “junk”. So being the eager beaver that I am, I researched and researched and love what I’ve learned! And now that I have the formula together, testing has been underway and Ozana is right! One tester reported seeing results in less than 1 week!

Glucosamine is an acid-free exfoliant and the major player in my current formula of the Acid-Free Exfoliating Serum. So with the addition of Niacinamide, it’s going to be a double-duty formula. I’ve also added Lemon Peel Bioferment to it at 5% for even more “spot” removing. Ozana was concerned that Lemon Peel Bioferment may not be suitable for sensitive skin types, but it really is suitable, especially at that percent. And it doesn’t cause phytosensitivity as some think – I’ve verified that with the manufacturer.

I hope to have the new formula available within the next 2 weeks so stay tuned. I’m looking forward to it and wanted to let you know that it’s coming! Thank you Ozana!!!