Easy Eye Solutions!

I’m really happy to add Easy Eye Solutions to my product line!  A lot of you know Toby or Ann on the different forums – she’s the one who brought it to my attention. Thank you Toby/Ann!!  She has been on a quest to find the BEST products for eyes and lo and behold, she’s found it!

I have both the Instant Eye Tuck and the Illuminating Eye Care.  They come with instructions but you may want to check out the EDS Forum and and the FlexEffect forum for additional great tips on using them.  How does it compare to No Lines?  Well, No Lines is GREAT and priced right but No Lines isn’t an eye treatment, whereas Easy Eye Solutions is.   Thanks again Toby/Ann – we’re ALL grateful!  Nanci

This is the original email I received from Toby/Ann:

“Nanci, this eye tuck works!

I am still trying products and reporting but Nanci I have found a winner! I did pursue the Easy Eye Solutions product. I have been pleasantly surprised at the results and I wanted to share the results with you. First, it works and truly treats the eye bags. When I take the product off, my eye bags still stay reduced to a big degree. My under area eye area is more moisturized and the effects of the treatment are apparent. While the product is on my eyes the  bags are tucked and stay that way. The under eye has more flexibility with smiling and it last all day until 11:00 at night…that is starting at 5:30am.  You can wear makeup over it although I prefer to not have any because it is so incredibly smooth looking. It can be used over a moisturizer and it doesn’t have to be the moisturizer he sells. I did get the moisturizer and really love it though because it gives a luminous look and is very light. My other eye moisturizers were too heavy to work as well with the Easy Eye Solutions Instant Eye Tuck.  I know that everyone’s skin and eye situation are different but I am a living testimony of trying everything I could possibly try on the market. This is the only product that I have found that treats, tucks, and allows makeup to be put over it. Also it smooths out the crepey look under eye area and I look like I looked before I turned 20. I am 100% satisfied and I couldn’t say that if there was anything less than perfect looking about my eyes. Before finding this I was in the process of checking into surgery because I wasn’t ready to look like the bag lady for the rest of my life. And you are aware that I am totally against surgery unless there is just no other way. Every product that tucked my eye bags before left them more wrinkled and dry when it was removed even though they did tuck well while it was on my eyes. Also, I hated not being able to wear an eye moisturizer during the day. You know me, and that I get nothing out of reviewing things so if I am pleased and satisfied it is because it worked.”

Check out this review from Nancy who has been using Easy Eye Solutions (this review is from the EDS Forum).  Please note that Zach is the wonderful guy who created Easy Eye Solutions:

“Hi everyone. I have posted on this topic before. I wanted to mention something interesting about these products. I have been using both the Instant Eye-Tuck and Dark Circle Treatment and the Illuminating Eye Care for quite awhile now. I have noticed such a big difference, that I can hardly believe it. As you know we are entering allergy season. A tremendously difficult time for me. The skin where my large bags used to be are as firm as they were 10 years ago. Even with my allergies I don’t get that excessive puffiness that I had grow accustomed to. The claims Zach made are true, the more these products are used the firmer and younger the under eye tissue will become. He was right. In the beginning I would use the eye tuck serum everyday. Now I apply it only a couple of times a week. My eyes are firm even on days when I don’t apply either of his exceptional products. Another interesting aspect, the Instant Eye Tuck and Illuminating cream seemed to have made a difference for my entire face. My husband noticed this first. I love him dearly but he is the sort of man that usually notices nothing. When he mentioned that I looked years younger I almost fell off my chair.  I only apply these products to my eye area but they do absorb into the skin. In my opinion these products are the cause of my new look. Or should I say my old look, or the way I used to look a few years ago. I think you get what I mean. ”

We sure do get what you mean Nancy!

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