Green Tea Serum Pre-LED Treatment 2.5 oz

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Green Tea Serum for pre-LED treatments. A German study shows that applying Green Tea prior to your LED treatment works 10 times faster than using LEDs alone (see the article below from Science Daily).  My formula contains both Camellia Sinensis and EGCG with no alcohol or oil.

For all skin types.

The article from Science Daily:

LED Light And Green Tea Cream Smooth Facial Wrinkles
ScienceDaily (Sep. 9, 2009) — Scientists in Germany are reporting a major improvement in their potential new treatment for facial wrinkles that could emerge as an alternative to Botox and cosmetic surgery. The non-invasive technique combines high-intensity light from light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and a lotion made of green tea extract. It works ten times faster than a similar anti-wrinkle treatment that uses LEDs alone, the researchers say.

Andrei P. Sommer and Dan Zhu point out that researchers have used light-therapy, or phototherapy, for more than 40 years to help heal wounds. Recently the scientists showed that use of high-intensity LEDs, similar to those used in automotive tail lights and computers, could help reduce skin wrinkles when applied daily for several months. But exposure to intense LED light is also involved in generating high levels of reactive oxygen species as byproducts that can potentially damage cells. To combat that effect, the researchers combined the LED with a potent antioxidant in green tea extract called epigallocatechin gallate.

They applied a daily combination of LED light and green tea extract to the facial wrinkles of a human volunteer one month. The combination treatment resulted in smoother skin, including "less pronounced wrinkle levels, shorter wrinkle valleys, and juvenile complexion," the scientists say. The treatment showed promising results in only one-tenth of the time it took for LED therapy alone to reduce wrinkles. The study could form the basis of "an effective facial rejuvenation program," and lead to a new understanding of the effect reactive oxygen species on cellular aging, they note.

Green Tea in skin care has many known benefits.  Aside from gettting the best possible results from your LED device, Green Tea also heals and protects skin.  Green tea is a strong antioxidant and that means it has anti-aging properties. Aging skin also benefits from green tea because of its beneficial effects on elastin.  The antioxidant in Green tea is attributed to its polyphenol content. These antioxidant compounds help mop up free radicals that can damage the skin and cause hormonal imbalances.

One of the main green tea benefits for skin is in clearing acne.  Green tea contains catechins, which are natural anti-bacterial agents that suppress acne-causing bacteria. As well, the anti-inflammatory action of green tea helps reduce any swelling caused by acne. Green tea helps smooth out your skin, prevent further breakouts and leaves your skin with that radiant glow.

Since it’s an anti-inflammatory, it also soothes rosacea, facial redness, and acne. Acne skin also benefits because of green tea’s antibacterial properties.

Studies show some improvement for sun damaged skin as well. Also, when used under sunscreen, it makes the UV protection of the sunscreen more effective. 

Directions:  Apply a thin layer on clean skin 15-20 minutes prior to your LED treatment.


Ingredients: Ingredients: 5% Organic Japanese Green Tea Extract (Camellia Sinensis 3%, Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) 2%). Other ingredients: Deionized Spring Water, Acrilate C-10/30 Cross Polymer, Triethanolomines, Cyclopentasiloxane, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Phenoxyethanol and Caprylyl Glycol (Optiphen®).


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